Messages from GFXC 

Mr Guy Debelle, former Chair of the GFXC, and other GFXC members and senior market participants explain the importance of the GFXC for the foreign exchange market and why adherence to the Code’s principles of good practice is vital to promote the effective functioning of the market.

Guy Debelle

Guy Debelle (former Chair GFXC, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia)

Jacqueline Loh

Jacqueline Loh (Deputy Managing Director for Markets & Development, Monetary Authority of Singapore)

Akira Hoshino

Akira Hoshino (Head of Foreign Exchange & Local Markets, Citigroup Global Markets Japan)

Simon Potter

Simon Potter (former Chair GFXC, former executive vice president, Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

Meredith Beechey Österholm

Meredith Beechey Österholm (former Deputy Head of Monetary Policy Department, Sveriges Riksbank)

Stuart Simmons

Stuart Simmons (Senior Portfolio Manager, QIC)

Simon Watkins

Simon Watkins (Managing Director, Global Head of Foreign Exchange Trading, Bank of Montreal)

Dan Lennon

Dan Lennon (US Head of Operations, CLS)

Mayte Rico

Mayte Rico (Domestic Operations Division Manager, Banco de México)

Andrew Hauser

Andrew Hauser (Executive Director for Markets, Bank of England)

Russell Lascala

Russell Lascala (Global Head of FX Trading, Deutsche Bank)

Neil Penney

Neil Penney (Managing Director, Global Head of Trading, Refinitiv)

Svante Hedin

Svante Hedin (Co-Head of Trading, SEB)